About Us

Hartak Art production, is a leading media house based in Abu Dhabi with a reach in Middle East markets. At Hartak, we believe in creating impactful content for your business. Our core services are dubbing, subtitling, localization, production, and distribution.


Dubbing and subtitling

Hartak Art Production has subtitling and dubbing studios which are well supplied with the latest equipment, and a team of experts who has more than 20 years of experience. At Hartak, we strive to provide the highest quality and we take control of our projects from start to finish, leaving our clients worry-free along the way. Hartak Art Production has finalized several dubbing projects like أزمة ثقة and عودة قبول (rated as top content in Ramadan 2021), considered as the most popular series in India and produced by the biggest producers in the world. Furthermore, at Hartak Art Production, we work on Brazilian, Turkish, Indian and Russian series, with the best quality control and adaptation in line with the Arab community demands and needs The link for our showreel


Production and Distribution

  • Hartak Art Production work on producing and
    distributing series and programs in GCC and middle east. We work with a big
    team of professional directors, writers, technicals and A+ actors. As for the
    distribution, we are ready to get the rights of any program or a series
    produced in the middle east.

  • Motion Graphic, infographic, and animation:

    Hartak has many works prepared and ready for implementation, whether infographic documentaries (for example, the Arabic language in the Holy Quran - cities, civilizations, and many others ...) and children's programs (2D and 3D drawing), religious and educational, as well as entertainment programs.

    Our work in motion graphic: